Award Winners

BME Day Poster Award

2014 – Janine Ruppen & Christoph Strub, “Increased Perfusion-Induced Chemoresistance in Multicellular Pleural Cancer Spheroids Cultured in a Microfluidic Chip”
2015 – Tom Williamson, “High accuracy surface matching and navigation on the lateral skull base”
2016 – Joachim Dehais, “A computer Vision-Based Smartphone System for Carbohydrate Counting”

BME Day Master Abstract Award

2014 – Raphael Meier, “Decision Forest for Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation”
2015 – shared by
Manuel Jonas Bracher, „Wireless Functional Electrical Simulation
Andreas Dünki,Experimental Validation of an HR-pQCT-based Homogenized Finite Element Analysis of Human Distal Radius Sections
2016 – Jan Beerstecher, “Implant Design for a Long-term Esophageal ECG Recorder”

Student Travel Award Winners

2012 – Mohammad Javad Shamsollahi
2013 – Pietro Bottani, Diana Peña
2014 – Aarati Chacko
2015 – Stephan Gerber
2016 –  Dr. Adel Tekari, ISTB, University Bern for his oral presentation at the “Global Spine Congress”, 13 – 16 April 2016, Dubai