The Biomedical Engineering Club (BME Club) of the University of Bern was founded by a small group of committed people of various backgrounds in spring 2009.

The BME Club brings together the biomedical engineering alumni of the University of Bern, currently enrolled students, and representatives from the medical technology industry. It will serve as a unique platform for professional lifelong communication and networking.

The BME Club connects you to a growing network of biomedical engineers who live and work in Switzerland and around the world. This is also achieved by close links to other alumni programs and professional organizations, national and international.

“Those were good times, the years in Bern.” – Albert Einstein

Who are alumni?

The word alumni (Singular: alumnus, alumna; Plural: alumni, alumnae) originates from the Latin alere meaning to nourish, and is widely used to represent an institution’s graduate, former student or former staff body.